What was I thinking?

So yeah, might not have been the best idea to restart my blog one month before we are due to have our third child….  What can I say?  It was late…I was watching the cricket and wanting for something to do. haha


As I said on FB, the plan is for this to be a reboot of SLIC.  I don’t have nearly the amount of time I used to have for writing, but I do have something like three years worth of articles that I wrote for the old site to back me up.  Hopefully, I can bring in enough new stuff to the table to keep you interested….since I only have like two followers, that shouldn’t be hard!


So ultimately, this blog is about Jesus.  More than that; it’s about Jesus and me.  Jesus and you. Me and you and Jesus.

I’ve been a Christian for about 17 years now.  It is incredible to me that Jesus hasn’t changed in that time!  I have changed so much.  My thoughts about Jesus have changed tremendously, but He is the same.  There is great comfort for me in all of this, bc this is what God intended for my relationship with Jesus.  Me changing is the whole point.


I hope you will come with me as I continue to explore all this. I hope we can go together into God’s words to find the truth He has saved just for us.  I hope we keep changing forever.

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‘Practice resur…

‘Practice resurrection’
– Wendell Berry

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